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“Here's the SECRET to Christian Programming that will have IMPACT and attract more kids to your programs! In fact, if my Christian programs fail to impress you and impact your kids, YOU PAY NOTHING...and I’ll pay you $100 for wasting your time”!

-Brian Richards Christian Speaker

For over 25 years Brian Richards has shared important
faith messages such as Prayer, Community, Bible Stories
Thankfulness, Faith, and Goals + Success with the
question where does Christ fit-in. He has taken those
subjects and created unique interactive programs that
teach kids important lessons while having a lot of fun in
the process.

Brian mixes magic, laughter, music and faith-filled
messages to enrich your students in a way that meets
your mission goals. The result is a memorable
experience that Directors, Coordinators and Pastors LOVE!!

Christian themed programs can have incredible IMPACT on the kids who watch, but to do that you need an effective speaker. Programs that are biblically based and capture + maintain the FOCUS of the group.

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Please feel free to explore this site to learn more about the Christian programs we offer. But a word of CAUTION, I often book 4-6 months in advance and a typical month involves 20 - 35 don't wait too long, or your date may disappear (pun intended)!

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